This cooperative company, established in 1999, is the leading proponent for the project "La Vetrina del Gusto". Its skilled associates enthusiastically pursued their objectives from the beginning, inspired by mutual feelings such as producing, selling and improving farm products and local products; spreading good farming procedures; managing all those mutual activities able to benefit, both economically and socially, the agricultural industry and the local community. They were able to preserve an ancient farming technique, the so called alberello pugliese (literally small tree, because of the shape of the vineyards), which was about to disappear. An important choice, as well as arduous and valuable, that requires skilled hands to produce fine quality wine. Schola Sarmenti proudly and passionately produce great wine from native vines as Fiano, Negroamaro and Primitivo, a great sample from the verdant terroir of Terra d'Arneo. The company is proud of its excellent vineyards, some of them close to the sea, making organic wine from vines older than 80 years. To confirm the amazing quality, the company was awarded important prizes all over the world. Gold medal at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, at Expovinia in Zurich and some of the highest marks for Puglia wine from Wine Spectator and Robert Parker. 

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 L’Azienda Agricola Vitivinicola Bonsegna, nasce, per volere di Primo Michele Bonsegna, nel 1964, a Nardò, terra del nobile Negroamaro, del robusto Primitivo e della morbida Malvasia Nera, un tempo uno dei feudi più grandi d’ Italia, con una estensione di vitigni tra le più ampie del Salento. Dal 1991 l’Azienda è condotta dal figlio Alessandro, che ne ha ereditato non solo la conduzione, ma anche la passione per un lavoro che sa essere tanto faticoso e gravoso, quanto ricco di grandi soddisfazioni.
I vigneti di proprietà, suddivisi in 25 ettari, sono localizzati interamente nell’agro di Nardò, nelle contrade storiche, meglio vocate di tutto il comprensorio, e molti di essi  nelle immediate vicinanze della bellissima area protetta del Parco Naturale di Portoselvaggio. La conduzione agricola è da sempre mirata al rispetto della natura e delle piante, con uso di sistemi di produzione integrata che mirano a limitare al minimo indispensabile l’impiego di concimi e fitofarmaci. Qui si coltivano, oltre alle uve autoctone di Negroamaro, Primitivo e Malvasia Nera di Lecce, anche altre uve meno tipiche ma che rientrano da anni tra le uve più coltivate del Salento: Malvasia Bianca, Garganega e Chardonnay, per quanto riguarda le uve a bacca bianca, e Cabernet Sauvignon e Sangiovese per quelle a bacca nera.

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Panificio Chiriasi

It is a family business, run with great passion and skills for many years. It requires a strenuous effort and perseverance to find simple and quality ingredients yet using traditional and artisan techniques, such as baking stone ovens where olive branches are burnt or using raised dough. Products are delicious and they are the result of a perfect combination of water, yeast and flour and Mediterranean ingredients together with old baking techniques. They have a wide range of traditional products, including frise di grano (wheat cakes), frise di orzo (barley cakes), taralli scaldati, homemade biscuits; they have also introduced a few niche products: Friselline alle rape (cakes with broccoli rabe), Friselline alle olive nere celline” (cakes with "celline" olives) typical from Nardò, Friselline alla ricotta forte (cakes with ricotta forte cheese), Tarallini flavoured with primitivo di Manduria wine and many more. Thanks to their experience, the bakers, along with other Terra d'Arneo-based companies, are willing to improve and renovate the short distribution chain of traditional wheat varieties, in order to offer natural local products, according to fair trade.

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Pasta Pando

Another renowned Terra d'Arneo product is definitely the Arneo durum wheat pasta, in all its refined varieties and shapes. It's a symbol of tradition, culture and experience. Pasta Pando, based in Nardò, is the pasta factory associate. They have been able to combine the best local wheat and traditional recipes thus creating an excellent handmade pasta, able to fulfil even the expectations of the hardest to please consumers. Pasta Pando are inspired by the flavours of the past. They still make their pasta according to tradition, using just semolina flour and water, mixed with care to offer natural and simple masterpieces. An important part of Mediterranean food culture. Their motto is "Pasta masters and flavour makers". Their aim is cooperating with local farmers and young consumers to improve the wheat short distribution chain, as it is basic in the area of Terra d'Arneo, and to offer pasta making classes.

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Azienda Agricola Nobile

The company was established in 1917 thanks to Giuseppe Nobile and his passionate efforts. In 2009, Antonio Falconieri, a journalist, took over and started to run the farm with the same passion and enthusiasm of his grandfather. His love for farming finds its better expression in several olive groves which give an excellent extra virgin oil through the cold pressing procedure, as well as in vineyards and traditional wheat farming. Lately, the company has been involved in the rescue of ancient wheat varieties such as Senatore Cappelli, Saragolla and many more. Their motto is: "Think of earth as of a living being and respect it by not contaminating it", so this is why they opted for natural farming techniques

In addition to olive oil, vines and wheat, they also grow ancient legumes, such as grass pea, known locally as tolica and rich in proteins, Nardò chickpeas (about to be introduced in the national list of traditional foods) and finally fava beans and peas, from local seeds.

In spite of not being very large, the farm can guarantee the improvement of different short distribution chains such as old wheat and legumes.

Masseria Bellimento

The farm is a symbol of the rebirth of Terra d'Arneo and its tradition. Part of the history of Terra d'Arneo was set in this farm, which is today an example for new generations thanks to the Presicce family and their commitment in preserving the old dairy techniques of Terra d'Arneo. The farm is in an unspoiled area of Nardò: the Parco naturale regionale di Porto Selvaggio e Palude del Capitano, and it is today well known for its excellent cheese, the agritourism and its quality legumes. It is undoubtedly a model farm, apart from being a benchmark for new farmers, so that it was also shown in several TV programmes with some success. Their contribution to the project is fundamental, as they offer their venue for gastronomical tours or food workshops to be held at Masseria Bellimento, focusing on educational dairy workshop, much appreciated abroad.

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