Description of the context and place for the intervention

The restored building looks on to the central Piazza Salandra and the Fontana monumentale del Toro, right in the heart of the historical part of Nardò. It is on the ground floor of a building built towards the end of the Nineteenth century, upon occasion of the restoration and enlargement of the Clock Tower and the City Hall respectively.

Inside, there will be a space for tasting, display windows and a shop of typical local products, apart from a tasting room and a taste workshop. Adaptable fittings will allow many different activities to be carried on at the same time. The restoration aims at creating a place able to use Piazza Salandra, one of the most beautiful Baroque squares in the South of Italy, as a natural stage and as a final destination for food-cultural tours connected to local culture, arts and traditions. 

Social and economical aspect

Using these premises for marketing purposes will consent - thanks to the synergy with the local Tourist Information Office located in the old Sedile building on the same square - the presence of several visitors, thus ensuring positive effects on the city economy. 

Promoting local areas implies that the visitors will also expect cultural and leisure activities (themed meetings, educational activities, guided tours, shows and entertainment activities are a small example) The restoration also aims at improving the cultural and social development of the old area of the city.

In particular, being a tool for territorial promotion, and seen its location in the old town, the restoration will also help fulfilling the targets set by the city of Nardò in terms of:

increasing flow of tourism
improving food and wine tourism
increasing the average time of stay for tourists
helping the community both socially and economically by preserving and enhancing the local environment
A place for the promotion of local food and wines is fundamental to make the old town lively and attractive.

The restoration is one of the many refurbishments carried on by the local council in the old town: the restoration of the old paving, the Teatro Comunale made again available for the community, the works in the Chiostro dei Carmelitani and in the old Palazzo di Città all contributed to the renewal of the area. Many new restaurants bar and shops were opened and many of the old ones opted for a refurbishment, becoming an attraction for Italian and international visitors.


Based on the characteristics of the area, it is quite clear that it is possible to support the existing accommodation and tourist net in a sustainable way, seen that it includes the old town, the coast of Santa Maria, Santa Caterina and Sant'Isidoro, the countryside with manor farms and watchtowers and the Park of Portoselvaggio - Palude del Capitano, and all of them are such that it is possible to offer a combination of food, nature and culture.

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